Infant Massage

An Introductory Class in Newborn Massage:

Classes can either be held in group settings or private class in your home. A 32-page booklet with illustrated strokes will be given at the class and is included in the fee.

You will learn:

  • Early infant communication
  • Interpreting crying and time out cues (and coping)
  • Effective comforting techniques
  • The healing process of newborns and how to adapt massage so it is gentle enough yet gives very powerful benefit to your little newborn.

Benefits of Infant & Newborn Massage:

  • Aids in bonding process between parent and child
  • Increases communication skills through touch
  • Alleviates digestive discomfort (colic)
  • Supports the growth of nerve pathways
  • Enhances sleep

What to bring to class:

  • A receiving blanket, a diaper bag with extra clothes, diaper and wipes, formula if needed.
  • Please feed baby just prior to class.

Group class fee: $30
Private in-home class fee: $40